What is Urja Mitra App? , How to register on Urja Mitra?


Urja Mitra App :- Urja Mitra is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Power, Government of India to inform Indian electricity consumers about power outages (power cuts) through SMS/email/push notifications. Urja Mitra provides outage management and notification platform to disseminate outage information to power distribution consumers across India. Urja Mitra

Urja Mitra App has been developed for Android / iOS platform by the Ministry of Power, Government of India under the Urja Mitra scheme, through which citizens can get online electricity cut information related to electricity distribution companies. URJAMITRA is a beautiful example of cooperative federalism.

Through this mobile app, electricity consumers registered on Urja Mitra App and Urja Mitra web portal are informed about power outages in their area through SMS/email/push notifications. This facility has been launched with the tag line of “24*7 Power for ALL” for all citizens.
Urja Mitra Web Portal & Urja Mitra App
The Ministry of Power, Government of India has developed Urja Mitra Web Portal and Urja Mitra Mobile App to provide information related to power outages to the general public. Urja Mitra App & Urja Mitra Web Portal is developed by RECTPCL (REC Transmission Projects Company Limited), a subsidiary of M/s Rural Electrification Corporation Limited.

Urja Mitra is a first of its kind application, a platform (Web Portal) to provide power outage related information through SMS/email/push notifications to the electricity consumers of various State Power Distribution Companies in urban/rural areas across India. as well as Mobile App).

Urja Mitra Scheme is a step towards Digital India Mission of Government of India based on the principle of Pro-People Good Governance (P2G2) of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.



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